Pingu’s English

What is Pingu’s English?

How does the Pingu’s English method work?

What’s unique about the Pingu’s English brand?

What is Pingu’s English?

At Pingu’s English, we providers children with the chance to get ahead in life by helping them learn the international language of communication and business from the earliest possible stage. 

This sub-division of the leading language teaching provider Linguaphone was founded in 2007. We’ve developed an innovative and creative teaching method that uses a charming TV character and its friends to keep kids engaged throughout the whole learning process.

We teach vital English language skills to children aged 3 – 8+, including:

  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Speaking
  • Listening

Our method gives parents an opportunity to help their child learn a language that will open up doors in their future lives. It introduces children to full-time education in supportive and engaging way, keeping them one step ahead when it comes to starting school. Pingu’s English lets you combine safe and entertaining childcare with an educational program that will help your kids develop the skills and confidence to use English in their everyday lives.   

Pingu’s English is consistently growing; opening up schools in markets across the world, and helping a new generation of kids to learn this hugely important life skill. We have a network of trusted international franchise partners, who work hard to achieve a safe and happy working environment for children.

How does the Pingu’s English method work?

Based on the Antarctic adventures of TVs lovable little PinguTM and his family, the Pingu’s English method engages kids in a fun and active learning environment.

Kids will be excited to find out what the next chapter holds for Pingu, keeping them engaged in new topics and situations throughout every stage of the learning process. Whether your child has English language experience or not, a Pingu’s English course will give them everything they need to flourish and grow.

Confident and accurate English language usage from an early stage 

Through a combination of high teacher/pupil ratios, strengths-based teaching methods and our innovative spiral teaching technique, we help kids gain knowledge and confidence by introducing them to complex topics at the earliest possible stage, and giving them the scope to explore their new-found knowledge.

Educational and creative skills

The Pingu’s English course teaches so much more than just the English language. We prepare children for full-time education by introducing them to the school routine, and useful skills including numeracy, IT, reasoning and behavioral technique. 

Formal certification of English language achievement

Upon completion of your chosen Pingu’s English course, your child will be given a Certificate of Achievement. This helps to fill them with confidence and reinforce what they’ve learned, as well as indicating the skills learned to future education providers.


What’s unique about the Pingu’s English brand?

In order to maintain the highest standards across all of our international centers, we provide our franchise partners with a whole range of branded materials and design guidelines.


All of our teachers are either native English speakers, or highly qualified individuals who are fluent in the language. We take care to make sure that all our teaching staff are trained in the Pingu’s English method, and prioritize safety, security, fun and engagement.    

Learning Materials

Every child that signs up with Pingu’s English is given a broad selection of learning resources to help take their education to the next level. We recognize that young children learn in a more engaged way, and so have developed a host of multimedia resources to keep things fun and lively. Our pupils receive a Student Study Pack, Student Activity Pack and access to the Online Learning Zone. This combination includes:

  • Study Books
  • Song Books
  • Activity Books
  • Audio/Video Material
  • Flashcards


Our model is so versatile that Pingu’s English has been established in a huge range of convenient venues; from established education institutions and Kindergartens, to recommissioned offices and shopping centers. We use a vibrant and immediately identifiable blue and white color scheme alongside images of lovable Pingu characters to breathe life into our centers and make sure that a school in Switzerland looks exactly the same as one in Saudi Arabia.